The Critical China Scholars hosts a discussion group via listserv.


  • To develop critical insights on new and entrenched social-political issues from perspectives in line with the values outlined in our Statement of Principles;
  • To provide space for leftist China scholars to discuss political dilemmas arising from the conditions of our work (e.g., solidarity with colleagues in China, censorship, funding sources, etc.);
  • To develop clear, leftist analysis on China that can be shared with members of the media, community organizations, and activist communities to inform their work and discourse;
  • To foster collaboration between leftist China scholars and Chinese/Asian diasporic writers, thinkers, and media to help mobilize awareness of and develop analysis that links communities internally;
  • To develop analysis that can be used to resource activists and influence wider social movements.


While we expect lively debate on many questions, we expect that people participating in this listserv will be in agreement with our Statement of Principles. E.g., if your first loyalty is to a specific state, we encourage you to find another listserv.

  • Personal attacks will be grounds for expulsion.
  • If a debate becomes a ping-pong match with just two people going back and forth, we expect people to take the discussion off line.
  • Please do not use the list to advertise events or resources that are not in some way related to leftist politics in or about China, broadly understood. We recognize the interconnectedness of things, but please make an effort to make explicit the connection to China in every thread.

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